14 May 2014

An alternative approach to the daily stand up

As we know, the daily stand up covers three key points:
  • What did you achieve yesterday?
  • What will you be trying to achieve today?
  • What blocking issues do you have?
Normally each person in the team covers all three questions in turn, until everyone has said their piece. I was wondering today though whether it is better to approach this differently. Would it be more effective to go round the team a point at a time, by which I mean everyone first covers an update on what was done yesterday, clarifying the overall picture of current progress, and then each covers any risks or blocking issues and finally each covers the plan for today agreeing an overall goal for the team.

Effectively the tam as a whole would be able to answer the three points:
  • Yesterday we achieved x
  • We have found the following issues and think this is how we work round them
  • Today we plan to do y
What are your thoughts on the daily stand up?
Could this approach work?