19 May 2014

Book Review - Letters from Leaders

As the cover describes it, Letters from Leaders is a collation of 'Personal Advice for Tomorrow's Leaders from the World's Most Influential People'. Pulled together by Henry O. Dormann editor in chief for LEADERS magazine, this book is a must have for any leaders bookshelf.

The book itself is made of very high quality materials and feels like it will last a good while even with much use, and if you have this book you will be coming back to it often. The real value of the book is of course in the content and not the physical materials and here Dormann has not failed to bring us a collection of wisdom from all corners of business, sport, religion, politics. It's a who's who of success including Mohamed Ali, King Abdullah II King of Jordan, Beth Brooke, Walter Cronkite Vladimir Putin, George W Bush.

You can easily read the book cover to cover slowly eating through the letters one by one, or jump in and see what any particular author has to say. Occasionally Dormann has included a copy of the original letter as a foldout page which really does bring a nice element to the book making it feel like something quite special.

The letters themselves are fantastic nuggets of wisdom gained over many years with many lessons learned, you won't fail to find some form of encouragement or guidance that will help make you a better leader, assuming you allow the seeds to take root.

Published by The Lyons Press you can get the book from Amazon US here ($17 hardback) or from Amazon UK here (£15 hardback), there is a paperback and Kindle version of the book available which I've not had my hands on but if you are able to get the hardback version I recommend it as it really is a wonderful book.

If you have any other books or sites in your collection like this, leave a link in the comments I know I'd like to see them.