17 May 2014

Leadership Quotes - Introduction

Leadership quotes is a series I'm starting through which I hope to pass on thoughts and quotes from various sources with the goal of providing a resource for growing leaders current and future. I maintain a small notebook full of inspiring thoughts and quotes that I read through from time to time as a way of centering and evaluating my own leadership skills.

I believe it's important to take time out on a regular basis to evaluate where we stand and the direction we are going a retrospective of self, if you like. What am I doing right and should maintain? What am I doing wrong and should change? Two questions I regularly ask myself so that I can stay relevant to my teams, but also so I may ensure that I am not a leader of words but a Leader of action.

I was inspired to run this series when I found some old print outs from the "Excellence In Leadership Quotes" newsletters that Jay Ramirez ran back in the 90s with the same goal.

This week I leave you with this:
The person who trims themselves to suit everybody will soon whittle themselves away.
-Charles M. Schwab on integrity