About Agile Thunks

Shaun Newman

Welcome to the Agile Thunks blog. This is a space I am using to share thoughts and ideas I have had through the years working on various projects as an agile coach, and also some of the ideas I've picked up from colleagues, books, pod-casts and the many many books I've read on leadership, business and team development.

I also want to use this blog as a resource you can use to pick up some inspiration either through discovering a new source of information, through sharing and evolving ideas together (please do interact through the comments) or through the Leadership Quotes series in which I post a quote every Friday to inspire and encourage.

The Leadership Quotes series is a blatant copy of a series I subscribed to back in the 90s when the web was at its infancy and blogs were newsletters mailed out on a weekly basis. I have to thank Jay Ramirez for that series and hope that he doesn't mind me paying forward the encouragement and inspiration I gained from each and every edition he sent out.

I am absolutely open to any of your thoughts, any ideas you have for improving the blog and any resources that you have that you think I'd like. Share the love and lets become better leaders together.

Feel free to get in touch via Google+ where you can find me at: google.com/+shaunnewman

All of the content on this blog and on my G+ feed are entirely my own opinion and are in no way attributed to any employer, past or present.